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History and Communication

Put into your mind the progression of communication and transportation across history; and you will see in parallel our belief systems change. 
Here on the internet you can call to the world and it will answer back in less than a second. 
—What an impossible thing that once was.
—What an absurd suggestion, not a century ago.
And to think… it all started with the radio.

How quickly science advances with communication, and yet there are still blocks to progress in our aptitude to qualification of taboo.

Being afraid to ask a question for fear of social retribution is not science; It is religion.
Question everything.


Peer Pressure: Underachievers

##–> The pressure on society to [Gain wealth] is so great, by the passive sense that without wealth one would live a substandard life. The pressure to accumulate wealth as the prime commodity, as opposed to the [resources required for survival].

—-> Such pressure makes it difficult for people who are more interested in creating, helping others, or otherwise; invention. Making it “dis-interesting” at best, and “unfeasible” at worst, and discouraging young adults from entering the fields.

++ — Its for this reason, capitalism is a direct hindrance to scientific exploration. The illusion of “competition” is just just that, because you have to consider “What are they competing against?”
— The answer you will discover is: no one.

—> The only competition is between those with resources to “buy” the competition, and almost never between ideas themselves, and so… The competition between ideas are irrelevant.
This is the nature of monopoly.
Those who disagree, cannot provide an argument and will blanket terms like “freedom”, baseless without logic.

Upcoming exploration of IQ and “Racial Realism”

I am putting together an exploration into genetics relating to intelligence.
Yeah, don’t panic. ill be demolishing the whole idea.

If you have any references/sources/videos you would like to to review (perhaps one that seemed startlingly convincing) send them my way.

Diversity in Society

The importance of diversity in society, can, in my opinion, be justified by purely logical means. Like most emotional constructs in philosophy relevant to morality, which I also believe can be mapped and explained though logical means; and while there are many that would argue with me that it is somehow “ supernatural” and segregated as an ideology, from science.


By my measure; is analogously equivalent to Microsoft windows in one important respect: What you see when it comes to windows is the majority of users working on the same operating system, with the same rules and also with the same weaknesses. In parody its “auto-immune” system, is centralized to a singular update server. Once a virus is written to that one operating system, and the hacker can rest assured that it will not be detected for a while, and it will be a while more until the update is written to correct the exploit.


In comparison to society, different ideas may clash and contest  however in this virtually infinite diversity and chaos, a notion will arise that is truly different. In that, there would be “invention” or change, and it is for this reason “tolerance” is more important than “freedom” Freedom is intrinsic to tolerance because mutual freedoms will arise and be established by the direct result of, and automatically from creating mutual tolerance. Intolerance, as defined, is the inability to tolerate; where differences are present.


In this theoretical construct; the emotional opinions of the individual would be subject to the social moral construct of the ideal democratic body. In which laws are written to prevent the ideology of the individual or individual group from superseding other ideologies or individuals. The result of which would be a governing body would establish the majority standards for mutual consent, and where no invidual whom does not consent will be allowed to participate in an outlier ideology for the oppression of the sovereign human state and/or definition of “well-being”


As a social theoretical, Government can be socialized and centralized, but there would have to be a logical foundation assembled for the protection of diverse ideologies. If it were successful, then we would be able to maintain difference and even dissonance, without the dangers of a government taking on its on specific ideology, which may conflict with the minorities of the voting populous.


Humans are social animals; and by that nature we are privy to all the social taboos and constraints on how we must react to situations. But as social creatures we are naturally inclined to accept and reject ideas according to our own passive-collective socialized contracts, and judgment by our peers. It is the curse of our biology, and the gift of humanity.

Educational media experiment [A].01 – KeyPrint Google Fetch. (KPF?)

Attempting to use a Unique Character signature, as Google search Keyword, to send viewer to specific page.

First on list method, indirect-Specified reference.

Test Print: Q1eZZtrA43~54GG


Print saved –

Investigating Google engine algorithm.

The Cost of Capitalism: Part 1

The consequences of unbridled capitalism and so called “freedom” within and beyond the bounds of technology is something we should all fear.


There is without a doubt, some kind of bubble in which many people exist; in which they are told the definitions of their own freedom and how to hold themselves up against and in spite of others. Seeing a seperation of individuality as a reward while social concepts that kept us alive are held in contempt.


Of course its better to help others, of course we should boost up the poor. After all, there will always be less fortunate. However, it seems with the population increasing and with resources dwindling at a mutual rate, that there is an increasing contempt for those who cannot support themselves


Oh I wonder…


I wonder what will become of us when the proverbial “shit” hits the fan.


In part, its rather plain to see the devistating effects on society and our local eco-system. The strange thing is that there are many people who are unable to see it. Im not completely sure why that is, but, and mind you im only speculating, but it seems that those who believe strongly in the concepts of creationism assume that the world is too big and too complex in its design to fail previous to an accepted time appointed by divinity… or god.


Others its just straight up education, or lack thereof. Education being the single most empowering tool that we have in humanity and its being quelled by those who would put the words of god and god given rights of so called “freedom” above survival; not because they value freedom over survival, but because they dont know any better. So to look at the economy, it appears to be rather messy. There is a simple process of the acquisition of goods, but no reguard for the science relevant to its restoration or renewal.


One would think that the richest people might be able to afford such knowledge. So if they do in fact understand the ecological affects of their various harvests and contamination, then one can only assume that they do not care enough to incur the costs of fixing that system.


There even seems to be a trend in which corperations are consistantly sacrificing quality in order to cut costs. To go with the bare minimum… Of course the only way that could be a chosen factor is if the preservation of money and its retention were more important than the popularity of the product. Which I suppose would also make sense if there were a patent put into place…


My, my…


When it comes to the environment there are absolutely certain effects caused by our system. Being completely ignored until the last second because the absolute worst effects of the man, made issue would only cause more buisness… such as the refitting of homes to be safe under water. Which is just one of many possibilities.


The climate change would also cause a new necessity for buisness. Heating, cooling and clothing of many sorts. One might call this a chance for economic boom. However; there is a problem with the question of where we will get power for… anything at all.


I suppose these new effects would serve to reduce the population… in a sheer numbers game, I find it hard even still. When there are plenty of options here and today to create a zero or negative population growth that would begin to stabilize this world. But, with the increased population, there is also the factor of an increase in employment demand.


Just look at the population growth over the 20th century… Go on look. What do you see? Greater than 200% since 1960 alone.


So, with all those people, that should spawn new economy, right? Not with the intruduction of machines to do jobs… Those machines replace people. That’s fine… But there needs to be education to get different jobs, people cant do that alone… they need help.


Because those in power will stay in power, their children will gain power. They will produce a way to sustain their power and no power will be shared.


People will be bought

Goods will be produced and bought in just enough quantity for the poor to sustain themselves…


The working poor.

Behold the economic paradigm geared towards the addiction to money.

People with so much money that they could buy all they wanted and still have more left over.

People whos only goal is to increase that money and establish their position…


And because there are so many people, there is such a high demand and yet such a low supply of jobs…


That’s why we work so cheap.

That’s why we have so much crime, and in such a disorganized fashion.

That’s why the world will change; retuned to the deafening roar of billions of angry voices demanding the essentials they need to survive, as it is all controlled by the very rich.


Walking at Night

I brought with me a set of headphones, and a what would now be an antiquated compact disk player. I remember when I got it, I made sure that It was an MP3 cd player. Reasonably new technology to the time, people had yet to realize the miracle of technology they were in for. At a greater than ten to one ratio of storing music. Good thing too. The path I walked to her house took me the better part of two hours. However, and most unfortunately, this device had a flaw. Perhaps its because I got it wet or because the batteries would die. I’m really not sure. But it would every so often stop playing and I would be left alone in on this very dark backwood road.

Part of the way the road was paved, but The scene was erie in the sense that it was the stereotypical kind of tree enclosed road you see in the movies, or somehow expect to see. Parts of it so dark that the only way you even know the trees are there is to peer up at the sky to see the light blue overcast of a full moon.

Mind you I have… never been to fond of the dark. Walking it, I must have been insane. But so long as the music kept playing, I was just well enough. I had issues with the various sounds I would hear. I knew full well the probability of being eaten by a bear was slim. Yet, it wasnt the bears that was the problem. I actually ran into very few animals. The most threatening of which was a reasonably bold skunk. He continued on his way after about 30 seconds of staring me down.

I know full well a skunk wouldn’t “kill me” or any thing of the sort; It was the dark. It was the inability to prepare for what I was about to see, in my… short sightedness. The irrational paranoid remnant from a once “not so useless” reaction: Inherited from our ancestors long since dead. Still I persisted. Forward, step by step.

Then I came upon a stray lamp post. It was about 50 feet away, and It was very bright, and you would think that it would have granted me some kind of comfort. However, it only succeeded in blinding me.

I was afraid of what might be behind it. Hidden in my blind spot, somehow thinking that something… whatever it could be; whether it be a person to mean me harm, or anything else that my science fiction riddled creative consciousness could invent. Something I might actually worry about.

Irrational, again I cursed myself for being so paranoid. But still, I blocked out the light with the palm of my hand. Then I peered into space behind, and could see nothing still. Not in the sense that nothing was there, but I simply couldn’t see anything.

Just then, I thought I saw something.

Scared the shit out of me.

I had no idea what exactly, but some part of me knew that I didn’t actually see something. It was still, somehow, terrifying.

This light was on my path, and I had to go through to get to where I needed to go… I started to turn around. Then I changed my mind.

“Lets see just what it is.”

Daring myself every step of the way.

Almost enraged.

Forcing through it.

What could it be?

What could I see?

What could I possibly be so afraid of?

Every scenario rushed through my head, and just as quickly, counter thoughts in dealing with it.

The world seemed to shrink, certainly my path seemed to. Because, before I knew it… I was emerging from the other side of the bright flood-street light… and it was a flag.

It was the colors of the local high school.

How ironic that I would seek to find the most horrible things in the darkness which is where I stand now.

The edge of the unknown, now known.

To Discover, as in to “dis-cover” as in to UN-cover… a symbol, placed for whatever intent…

of knowledge.

It is a reminder that behind every unopened door, the unknown contains for us: everything we can imagine and nothing we can see.

There are some people that choose to worship those that live behind these closed doors.

Then there are others that choose to step through to meet them.