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What We Know! – What we Hate? and what we Understand…

April 12, 2015

Hatred was one of my early, if not first puzzles when i started.
Groups of people form under segregating identities, in order to preserve the collective emotional state, of status-quo;well-being.

I realized there were two kinds of hatred in culture
– against those who [do know]
– and against those [who do not know]

Those who [know] [one thing]
and those who are ignorant to whatever that [thing] is. .

Sounds like a circle doesnt it?
Little like semantic nonsense?
Let me say it another way…

a) The more you understand something
b) The less possible it is to hate them.

1.) baby crying on a plane; damn that’s annoying – why don’t you run over there and just throw it?
— > Because you understand it hasn’t made the conscious choice to interrupt your sleep.
** But thats hyper simple stuff, lets one up…

2.) A man has been breaking into your apartment most nights
you know this because you find food missing and scraps everywhere – you think it is a prank; then learn of his identity.

–> having lost part of his brain to cancer- he sleepwalks.
** Still, way too easy… come up to my level..

3.) A serial rapist nay child rapist.

The most evil and hated thing, most people believe they can imagine.
There is no redemption for those who prey on the innocent, for sexual pleasure, of all things…. You hate them right?


What if I told you…
because of a defect, there is a compulsion to action that is more powerful than a heroin addiction?

— Where the parts of your brain that are supposed to pump chemicals to reward good social interaction and attention.

. have instead of inflicting you with guilt/dread in a situation- has flipped a 180
making what you think/know to be the most horrible things
become the most pleasurable and most powerful driving force inside of you.
… Like the worst drug addiction.

More powerful than any fear of punishment, and death.
What is more powerful than the will to survive?

Oh yes… the “Need to fuck”

yet Necessarily compelling, excessively primal
[Human] [Mating] [Drive]

Having mutated into a form that is neither [Hetero] nor [Homo] It is [Pedo]
or the attraction to prepubescent
# [as in before puberty, not “during”or “just after”]
or “Children”

Imagine it were you, and you’re afraid of it.
– You know if you tell anyone, you will be shunned, shamed, or worse…
So youre about driven mad by calling yourself horrible names in your head
Anything to self shame, and stay the urges.

“You sick fuck, stop looking at those kids. Yorure a pervert and going to hell”
→ The toll is massive
The personality degrades.
The constant state of paranoia gives way to new addictions to negative emotions, and all remaining socialization deteriorate.
A pattern of behavior emerges, but usually kill themselves long before that. Kinda like the gays at the “Pray away the gay” camps…

# # in History of deviant sexuality # #
…Have you ever heard the stories about gay lovers risking execution to “be” together, throughout rome, and before in babalon – to where the torah even mentions it.

-== That’s that necessary driving force to our sex drive. Thats how were not extinct; and expecting to “tame” it, is… well, folly.

<>Addiontally to satisfy the rest of you: not paying attention.<>

→ The difference is, of course consent.
The cognitive ability for Children to || see into || , and || plan || for the future is a very slow, hard process for them.
And its not until age ~25 that we really really peak.
> Which is why I hate seeing teens in Jail.
This is why you will never have to worry about a pedo-revolution.
No ]]NAMBLA[[ Takeover.
The Physical bility to consent (reached sooner in girls)
end up being the ultimate stop-gap for any potential social revolution to attempt to include this sexual deviancy acceptible. As the conservatives threaten will follow Gay marriage”

How much did you read?
How much do you understand?
How much do you hate?


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