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Im not crazy… Im not crazy… im not crazy…

July 2, 2014

Thats insane….

Isnt it tho?
‘Crazy’, that is…

What is… crazy?
Can someone be crazy and know they are crazy
But then the definition of “Crazy” is to not understand reality, you would not know.

However, “sanity” and counter wise “insane”, are dependent on the social opinion of behaviors expressed to be [normal] and [abnormal], respectively.

When it comes to some behaviors that are destructive, I will happily side with the rest of the population in “wanting to do” something about it, but of course not for the same reasons.

When your sanity is defined by a [popular vote] You should be scared. When you consider all the things that people actually believe… your death would be nearly certain. Because surely, because you cant see “god”, you must be the odd one out, and if they dont kill you – they will be punished.

Needless to say- things can get out of hand.
For instance, ideological indifference: Which, ever so frequently the terms “delusional” and “psychopathic” pop up. Then theres my favorite and by “favorite”, note those are Sarcastic Quotes…
[The Dunning-Kruger Effect]

“call-outs” Let me explain that last one…
– The “Dunning-Kruger Effect” is the result of a study, where individualls thought they were [proficient] in a [skill/task: Knowledge] but in fact were tested and founded naught.

# Now the reason why this one in particular is especially irritating, is because of the proposed psychological mechanism (the whole program in the brain)
> Which is,
1. One would claim to have great knowledge about something
2. But they would be [unaware that they do not actually know] [all that much] about [said thing]
3. [and they cant figure out, (even when confronted) that they don’t know “what they are talking about”

I. Person makes a claim from fact.
II. Other person yells “Dunning-Kruger” and “You dont know what youre talking about”
III. In an attempt to disqualify the argument. Let me simplify it even more…

Person A: No I dont believe religion should be, the governing body, because anthropologically speaking – It has not worked: Or “has” in the sense that people still technically “lived” but under extreme duress.
– Examples in history include the rule of the holy roman catholic church, which used deities to ‘put the fear of god into them’ and you know what…
“God” knows everything you’re thinking…

> “Assassinate me! How dare you!”
> Oh… but you were thinking it – Off with his head!

Person B: I dont think you’re anthropologist – Sounds like we might have a [Dunning-Kruger Effect]

Thus – The subject A is “crazy”, dont listen to him.

These rather complicated Ad Hominem attacks will often result from debates, risen to conflict. This is in my opinion; A BIG FUCKING PROBLEM.

Moreover, for someone to accurately make that assessment, they have to have equal or greater knowledge with which to measure against… Think about it…
If you haven’t gotten it yet: Im saying they themselves posess the traits of this “effect”

When you take a look at the most bitter, cut and segregated political factions in these so called ‘United States’, and they for whatever reason feel no need nor will to seek truth… unless its convenient. This boggles me…

I will grant you: A single book, moreover a book of fiction; would be the easiest way to find an answer to a question that otherwise may or may not even be deserving of an answer – let alone can ‘have one’

…However… Science is “Insanity” ?

The scientific method, was a philosophy tried-and-true; In the sense that through it, we now have machines that think at the speed for 10,000,000 people per second (at least ‘math-wise’) that fit our pocket.

Because of the scientific method, we have medicine and its resulting 40 extra years of life. Many of you that are over 30… dont realize that at one time, you were roughtly the equivilent of a 80 year old man. Kinda like “dog years” but not really…

You would have been dead by getting eaten by a meat-eating elephant. Yes… yes they did exist, once upon time… in some universe.

Nonetheless… Science itself is starting to come under threat. Why is this? All the things science can do – and unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose from “Science” if there was a study that said something that you really- really dont like; Irrelevant. You have to respect the method. If you dont like it, prove it wrong. Granted: science is not supposed to be about proving others wrong because you don’t like the idea, but in fact, that is exactly where we are going; and when no evidence can be provided to the contrary, the emotional response ensues.
Now that is indeed and in a word: “Crazy”

When it comes to matters of faith, its not always about god, or a spirit or some lucky charm. It can also be an idea. Admittedly, I have a “faith” of sorts that the scientific method is the way to solve all problems. Because the scientific method AKA: Science. Is in fact the perfection of “asking questions” and all things that need an answer, must be first asked the right question. And to find the right question is to NOT close yourself off to possible question, you may not want to ask.

You dont want to save _________
You must be a psychopath…

Oh – There is again… Im a “psychopath” because I dont agree with you. Certainly you mean the violent type, correct? Because if you look on walstreet, you will notice a great deal of very rich individuals who could not (in truth) care less about the well being of people.

So we on the opposition, the scientific, have become the voices of- “crazy” We are no longer supposrted by the majoirty, because we have exceeded them so far… that we are unable to teach them.

We are unable to make them understand.

We are unable to protect them: From Both themselves and Us.
“God” indeed.
Only a “God” could save us now – And THATS… insane.

Im done writing now…
I blame you for the above.
Kindly go f*** yourselves. 


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