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Socioeconomic Theory Explained to the Layman.

April 17, 2014

Socioeconomic Theory Explained to the Layman.


Not because you’re stupid.

But because you did not spend years in a classroom

To brag about learning big words
Big words that mean other words that everyone already knows.


Part 1: Play is a Social Technology


Socioeconomics from my own (personal and arguably anecdotal) observations something of a large word. Certainly one for dismissal to anyone who “does not care about that stuff” Also one of those words I feel somewhat guilty using. Not sure why.

The fascinating part, is of course, that [Sociology] being the science of how people interact; and [Economic Theory]: being the scientific application and study of, quite simply “how wealth and resources are exchanged in the world.” – and in those two concepts alone are the most major threads in the fabric of society.


What and how people “want to succeed” in the world is goverened by the acquisition of either


A. Great Wealth. (Money as a commodity)

B. Just enough wealth to survive. (money as a tool/social technology)


It makes me wonder: “What would people be, like or do if they did not have to chase wealth to survive?”

One answer to this question is “Laziness” In fact one I frequently get.


This answer, or in it, question of “laziness” makes me wonder the type of mind that would be and why would they be, just as so, “lazy”


What of children? Children could perhaps be the perfect example of individuals who exist in the world with (hopefully) very little cares for survival. Being that there parents are looking after them. So if this is the case – What is it children do with their lives?


→ Play


Play is the original social technology of learning. It is the act of “doing something” and being rewarded by your brains chemicals to reinforce the behavior.
→ Look at what children do, how they play.


A. Boys typically engage (or statistically lean) with toys and activities that involve development of spacial [bayesian inference*]


Boys can be found playing with all kinds of spacial, puzzle and physical – toys, games and of course… sports.
Now broken down…

  1. – The physical sport is a direct interaction that builds up the brains ability to navigate the environment and leverage physics.

  2. No doubt an ability we inherited from “monkeys” (Properly said: Apelike/Monkey-like) of which it was extremely important not to fall to your death while jumping from branch to branch.

  3. Whats more, this ability has mutated into the ability to learn and manipulate physics in objects (other than your self)

  4. Which in itself demonstrates an interesting ability to be able to cognitively place yourself in another perspective, from which to know the end result up.



But in this sense you have two brains:

1. One that is you interactive

2. One that is predicting interaction


These two combined allow you to [Act] in order to intentionally create a [Reaction] we call this [Cognitive Inference]

to be continued…



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