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How to get more Women involved in Science.

October 8, 2013

Theory: Social reinforcement and intelligence.

The following is a compressed abstraction.
(Meaning, it is missing necessary grammar for the purpose of expediting the comprehension of people, specifically those with a short attention span.)

An Exploration on the predictive patterns of social feedback that is completely misunderstood by most hyper-liberal human rights denominations that refuse to do actual research before stating their own “Theories” about how society works, and why…
1. All Men
2. Only White men.
3. but not gay men.
4. Nor Trans men.

Are somehow oppressive and evil to women and society.
REF: Patriarchy.

–Established biology: Reward circuit = Humans will do what “they like to do”
#So established in all of biology. Animals are driven to do things that “feel good” because it helps them survive.
If they didnt enjoy them; They wouldnt do them.
–> And they would die…

–Established Psychology, Evolutionary psychology : Humans, being social animals, are heavily reinforced by social feedback.
# So established because we are interdependent on society, and others in order to promote our
1. Emotional well being.
2. Defense of our homes.
3. Ability to build things (by working together.)
4. Ability to raise children. (Because our children are completely useless, especially during early brain development)

Thinking: An action, equally subject to rewarding feedback.

A. Thinking and interest in learning is equally subject to social feedback. (peer reinforcement)
Then -> Less social, less socially apt individuals may be more likely to adopt personal interests that do not conform or are not reinforced by social feedback.

B. Counter-wise -> People who adopt more personal interests, as opposed to demonstrating interest in “socially popular interests” may be less likely to demonstrate social aptitude.

= Resulting…
Comprehension in complex matters, comes at sacrifice of social aptitude.

# Exceptions
A. – Forced learning: One pushes through courses defined as “Unbelievably boring” in order to achieve higher goal. (IE: Doctors)
A.-o –> As opposed to: One of interest in relevant study is likely to learn the same subject with far less effort.

>>– Established Gender psychology theory states: Females are more receptive to social feedback than males.
– Males: demonstrate more individualistic drives.

— Women – Will be less likely to take interest in subjects and tasks sparsely understood by and un-relatable to the relevant social collective.

— Men – Will be more likely to take interest in complex subjects and tasks sparsely understood by and un-relateable to the relevant social collective

Solution —> Making higher education as mandatory as learning language.
1. affordability.
2. Archaic teaching formats: “Lecturing”
3. Archaic teaching formats: Forced learning.
4. Archaic teaching formats: Non-interactive learning of complex subject matter (Physics) leaves most people unable to build intuitive learned responses.
5. Democracy: Ignorant by majority, ignorance should not be deciding what can or cannot be taught in schools.
#Lamespeak Translation: Stupid people voting, will choose stupid things. 


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