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Conservative Emotional Predisposition

March 17, 2013

Conservative vs Liberal
Part 1: Psychological Dualism
Conservative – Emotional Aspect

When it comes to a question of evolution:

Animals, or specifically non-toolmaking animals, are more instinctual than intellectual. While It can be argued that some other animals possess an little measured but possible intellect (Such as whales/Dolphins) they do not likely have predictive or problem solving intelligence. Specifically the kind required to manipulate physical laws to create various tools.

The cortical functions that we understand in higher thought, tend to go to war with our already present emotional state, and so when emotions and coginition interact, defense and coping mechanisms are formed.

→ With the introduction of predictive intelligence, the question of “How does this work” or “Why does it do that” becomes more and more emotionally important, as our perception increases.


In order to fill this emotional need that is virtually impossible to figure out. We created a defense mechanism of a theoretical mind. A being or essence that is in control of what you, the single human is not; and by essence, I mean it can either be [A God] or [An undefined supernatural force]

It is more likely that the need to create an explanation at an emotional level, is a compensation for a lacking of curiosity and the presence of fear.
Where: Fear, was and in some cases still is, an important defense against danger. But when one is predisposed to cognitive psychology, that fear would be more easily reasoned and overridden.

While I cannot prove it [certainly], I do believe I can provide evidence to support the idea of an Psychological duality that is represented by the Conservative vs Liberal Binary.

I am defining and outlining…

“Conservative” As [Emotionally Dominant] in belief systems and decision making.
“Liberal” Which I would define as [Cognitively Dominant]

“We know right from wrong because God write that on our hearts.”

They say something like that. Indicating that God is responsible for our morality, regardless of the atheistic perspective.


— However, If you manage to separate yourself from your reaction against the “sheer stupidity” you might look at it another way.

Check it out…


— If you look at the classical conservative belief systems intrinsic to Christianity and Islam: You could say they contain rules that are first relevant to the [Internal Emotional Makeup/Selfish needs] followed by the secondary concern for the [General social well being]


These religions in particular are heavily centered on emotional reactions.


[Internal/Selfish]: Emotions such as Jealousy, Greed/Want, Sexuality etc…


—> <>Solving them by]:


– [Restrictions on sexuality] = Monogamy (In theory, preventing adultery – Which makes people angry/Jealous)


– [Poverty as virtue] = Theoretically preventing greed and even theft. (People don’t like being stolen from)


– [Accountability] = Simplified with “God” and redemption through a savior figure.

–> Thus creating an internal “Sense of social right/wrong” with this fabricated emotional construct. (Somebody’s always watching)


Now with the notable selfish nature of these religions in mind, consider it in this light.

— In the mind there is [Reactive intelligence*: Emotional] and [Predictive intelligence: Problem solving]


#Reactive Intelligence: Attaching emotion to an idea or situation; in order to best react to it.

Response to wolves at night with [Reaction] of (negative)

Response to Food when hungry with [Reaction] of (Positive)



Most animals have [Reactive Intelligence] in the sense they “Fear” or “want” things.

Typically they know what to be afraid of and in our case, its the unknown.


[Predictive/Problem solving] Relies heavily on the function of the cortex.

A) —> The more active the cortex, the better at planning and problem solving you are.

B) —> The more Emotional the person: The less active these cortical functions.


—> Because of these factors: These religions rely heavily on the more primitive* brain functions of emotion. For that reason, it is designed to protect these internal emotional reactions.

+ But so too does it lack the consideration of the cerebral functions and is prone to “prejudice” and bad judgments against differing ideas/people etc…

(Because emotional reactions are static in nature, and not as easy to change)


#Primitive: Older and from earlier evolution. Not as in “simpler/lesser”

Because of this relationship of rules vs Emotion that is present in the majority of the Static Conservative mentality; This is a pool of people whom I am inclined to statistically define as “Emotionally Dominant” in their psychology.

Meaning they are [more likely] to make decisions [based on emotions], and less apt to solve or learn [complex ideas] = such as science. (Especially where there is theological conflict)
As – Conditioning these cortical functions, would make a person more receptive to new information, and more inquisitive.

Further Speculation (Potential positives)

If there are present neurological factors to account for these emotionally dominant psychological patterns; These people may prove to be more proficient at non-cortical activities.

1. Direct emotional inference or encounter empathy.
+ Meaning, more likely to feel sorry for someone that’s right in front of them.
+ Or to pick up on the emotions of others nearby.
– But not necessarily feel anything for people or animals whom they cannot relate to (Or are not near them)

2. Parenting:
Which is primarily a matter of emotional evolution. As we had children before we could do math.

+ In the sense, they will be more apt to emotionally relate to children, as well as communicate.
+ More likely to remain with spouses for the sake of children. (Because either religious reasons, or the emotional consideration of the children. (Divorce is hell on kids)

3. Better Business owners.
+ More driven to personal success.
– Less concern for “fairness” towards un-relatible individuals.
* Vs Socio-Psychopathic, whom may excel because they cant (emotionally) relate to anyone.


So in conclusion:

The conservative social mentality, as a function of an emotionally predisposed psychological centering, serves in order to react to what would otherwise be an evolutionary reasoning. Basic fears, emotions, needs and wants. Containing a solution to restricting those needs and wants when it is necessary. Causing one predispositions to make judgments on those emotions as opposed to rational contemplation.


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