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Peer Pressure: Underachievers

December 25, 2012

##–> The pressure on society to [Gain wealth] is so great, by the passive sense that without wealth one would live a substandard life. The pressure to accumulate wealth as the prime commodity, as opposed to the [resources required for survival].

—-> Such pressure makes it difficult for people who are more interested in creating, helping others, or otherwise; invention. Making it “dis-interesting” at best, and “unfeasible” at worst, and discouraging young adults from entering the fields.

++ — Its for this reason, capitalism is a direct hindrance to scientific exploration. The illusion of “competition” is just just that, because you have to consider “What are they competing against?”
— The answer you will discover is: no one.

—> The only competition is between those with resources to “buy” the competition, and almost never between ideas themselves, and so… The competition between ideas are irrelevant.
This is the nature of monopoly.
Those who disagree, cannot provide an argument and will blanket terms like “freedom”, baseless without logic.


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