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Diversity in Society

November 19, 2012

The importance of diversity in society, can, in my opinion, be justified by purely logical means. Like most emotional constructs in philosophy relevant to morality, which I also believe can be mapped and explained though logical means; and while there are many that would argue with me that it is somehow “ supernatural” and segregated as an ideology, from science.


By my measure; is analogously equivalent to Microsoft windows in one important respect: What you see when it comes to windows is the majority of users working on the same operating system, with the same rules and also with the same weaknesses. In parody its “auto-immune” system, is centralized to a singular update server. Once a virus is written to that one operating system, and the hacker can rest assured that it will not be detected for a while, and it will be a while more until the update is written to correct the exploit.


In comparison to society, different ideas may clash and contest  however in this virtually infinite diversity and chaos, a notion will arise that is truly different. In that, there would be “invention” or change, and it is for this reason “tolerance” is more important than “freedom” Freedom is intrinsic to tolerance because mutual freedoms will arise and be established by the direct result of, and automatically from creating mutual tolerance. Intolerance, as defined, is the inability to tolerate; where differences are present.


In this theoretical construct; the emotional opinions of the individual would be subject to the social moral construct of the ideal democratic body. In which laws are written to prevent the ideology of the individual or individual group from superseding other ideologies or individuals. The result of which would be a governing body would establish the majority standards for mutual consent, and where no invidual whom does not consent will be allowed to participate in an outlier ideology for the oppression of the sovereign human state and/or definition of “well-being”


As a social theoretical, Government can be socialized and centralized, but there would have to be a logical foundation assembled for the protection of diverse ideologies. If it were successful, then we would be able to maintain difference and even dissonance, without the dangers of a government taking on its on specific ideology, which may conflict with the minorities of the voting populous.


Humans are social animals; and by that nature we are privy to all the social taboos and constraints on how we must react to situations. But as social creatures we are naturally inclined to accept and reject ideas according to our own passive-collective socialized contracts, and judgment by our peers. It is the curse of our biology, and the gift of humanity.


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