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The Cost of Capitalism: Part 1

September 23, 2012

The consequences of unbridled capitalism and so called “freedom” within and beyond the bounds of technology is something we should all fear.


There is without a doubt, some kind of bubble in which many people exist; in which they are told the definitions of their own freedom and how to hold themselves up against and in spite of others. Seeing a seperation of individuality as a reward while social concepts that kept us alive are held in contempt.


Of course its better to help others, of course we should boost up the poor. After all, there will always be less fortunate. However, it seems with the population increasing and with resources dwindling at a mutual rate, that there is an increasing contempt for those who cannot support themselves


Oh I wonder…


I wonder what will become of us when the proverbial “shit” hits the fan.


In part, its rather plain to see the devistating effects on society and our local eco-system. The strange thing is that there are many people who are unable to see it. Im not completely sure why that is, but, and mind you im only speculating, but it seems that those who believe strongly in the concepts of creationism assume that the world is too big and too complex in its design to fail previous to an accepted time appointed by divinity… or god.


Others its just straight up education, or lack thereof. Education being the single most empowering tool that we have in humanity and its being quelled by those who would put the words of god and god given rights of so called “freedom” above survival; not because they value freedom over survival, but because they dont know any better. So to look at the economy, it appears to be rather messy. There is a simple process of the acquisition of goods, but no reguard for the science relevant to its restoration or renewal.


One would think that the richest people might be able to afford such knowledge. So if they do in fact understand the ecological affects of their various harvests and contamination, then one can only assume that they do not care enough to incur the costs of fixing that system.


There even seems to be a trend in which corperations are consistantly sacrificing quality in order to cut costs. To go with the bare minimum… Of course the only way that could be a chosen factor is if the preservation of money and its retention were more important than the popularity of the product. Which I suppose would also make sense if there were a patent put into place…


My, my…


When it comes to the environment there are absolutely certain effects caused by our system. Being completely ignored until the last second because the absolute worst effects of the man, made issue would only cause more buisness… such as the refitting of homes to be safe under water. Which is just one of many possibilities.


The climate change would also cause a new necessity for buisness. Heating, cooling and clothing of many sorts. One might call this a chance for economic boom. However; there is a problem with the question of where we will get power for… anything at all.


I suppose these new effects would serve to reduce the population… in a sheer numbers game, I find it hard even still. When there are plenty of options here and today to create a zero or negative population growth that would begin to stabilize this world. But, with the increased population, there is also the factor of an increase in employment demand.


Just look at the population growth over the 20th century… Go on look. What do you see? Greater than 200% since 1960 alone.


So, with all those people, that should spawn new economy, right? Not with the intruduction of machines to do jobs… Those machines replace people. That’s fine… But there needs to be education to get different jobs, people cant do that alone… they need help.


Because those in power will stay in power, their children will gain power. They will produce a way to sustain their power and no power will be shared.


People will be bought

Goods will be produced and bought in just enough quantity for the poor to sustain themselves…


The working poor.

Behold the economic paradigm geared towards the addiction to money.

People with so much money that they could buy all they wanted and still have more left over.

People whos only goal is to increase that money and establish their position…


And because there are so many people, there is such a high demand and yet such a low supply of jobs…


That’s why we work so cheap.

That’s why we have so much crime, and in such a disorganized fashion.

That’s why the world will change; retuned to the deafening roar of billions of angry voices demanding the essentials they need to survive, as it is all controlled by the very rich.


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