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The Nearly Perfect Design of Christianity

August 1, 2012

Fascinating, Isn’t it?

What I’m about to share with you are the details of control in which churches were deployed to employ.

For those of you that are devout, I will shatter your world.

and if not… You should at least recognize your denial.

Silently I hope.

It occurred to me as I was imagining being a king, a monarch and an emperor.

As I began to trace the pattern of my imaginary rule:

It occurred to me that there would be a severe offset of wealth.

You see, out from anarchy, the strongest will conquer the weak.

Partly, willingly.

Because you see, people don’t like to be “alone”

they don’t like to be in control because they want someone else to be in control.

Sound familiar yet?

But from this need to be controlled, comes stability; The stability of the collective in its cohesion.

This coalesced form we shall call… “society” and thus formed: A Society…

→ While Religion in itself, is simply personified superstition: in order to “deal” with questions that we otherwise could not handle NOT knowing → The exploitation of religion is something that is really where the bullshit comes to light.

→ The Gods, Demons and other Deities

“If I am not in control of this, what is?”

The question that is posed to reality, as it is posed to all the intellectual atheists: In many forms.

  1. Where does morality come from?

  2. Where did life come from?

  3. What does science say about consciousness?

  4. What purpose is there for you, if there is no god?


All of these questions and more, are questions of “control”

  1. Who controls right and wrong?

  2. Something so complex as life, who made it?

  3. Consciousness is complicated, and special… it must have been designed.

  4. Purpose… meaning… destiny; as it is written.

1st you must assign the projection → “God”

2nd You must define its “Jurisdiction” what its in control of.

3rd You must come up with a way to “please” said entity, like any human, to acquire a “favor”

Then you choose your sacrifice accordingly.

4th You must give thanks for what you have, perhaps another “offering”

The human mind comes up with its own “ideas” as it attempts to fill the gaps; but these are stories that evolve over time, with exception of the complete “texts” such as

The Koran

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Holy Bible

and many more…

The Bible is perhaps the most recognized example:

I will spare you the explanation of its evolution.

Being a king in power, what are my advantages over the people?

Easy: Power, money and land.


  1. Being Poor → Poor people cannot sustain with ease, and so poor people get “angry” and revolt. Its always happened that way. So there must be a way to make people WANT to be poor.

  2. Coveting: → Poor people WANT things. (Cant have people “wanting my cool shit”) But how do I stop the little people from COVETING my stuff?

  3. Food Shortage → But, Poor people also don’t have much food. So how do I get them to stop hording food and share so they do not come to me for money and may riot?

  4. Military → Mercenaries will fight for me, but some battles are a bit grim and they might realize they will not make it out alive. So how do I convince someone to want to die for a cause not their own?

Here is a mere 4 examples.


  1. Being Poor → Design a system where people “like” being poor, or believe there is a great reward in it, that while there is no “monetary” value to it, there is somehow great value: Make poverty a “divine virtue”

  2. Coveting → Make a divine “law” that its a sin.

  3. Food shortage → Create beloved character that “shares” Make being like him “Necessary” to eternal happiness.

  4. Military → Upon formation of system, create “divine tasks” where a representative of “God” says “God spoke to me and wants you to defend your land, and set fire to the wicked…”



→ Throw in some common biological imperatives about sexual jealousy (Because people like that idea)

Some stories about “sacrifice” so its seen as a good thing. (we want people to sacrifice themselves)

Some more stories about what happens to “wicked” people. (So they don’t “Disobey”)

Make “Hell” so that people will fear disobedience. ← (yup)

Create “Heaven” so that people have a reward system. (throw in “blessings” too)

Create “repent” strategy, (through prayer) so that people will more likely engage with the practice in private. (also to avoid the statement “Well since I’m going to hell anyways…”)

Make “Godless” people “Fools”

Create “Stories” of miracles, so that people will think: “Hey he must be divine, he can do all that stuff that I’ve never actually seen…”

Create stories of “EPIC Conquest” That has been achieved by following this “God” person.

(So they will aspire to have that same power)

Throw in some more stories about the “beginning” of things, to emphasize gods one and only, “True” omnipotent nature.

And many more.

But there’s another problem:

This is an imaginary conversation between A King and his Adviser

(Modern language translation)

King: “Its all fine and dandy on paper (The Holy Bible) But how do we get people to want this? To want to convert to this?”

Adviser: “Ah, well, we have a plan. But… its gonna cost you a little bit to start it up. You see, we build these Churches near or in the villages, and make a small donation of food and stuff. Then… the men we assign to run these churches will declare it is a gift from their God”

King: “These men, wont we have to pay them?”

Adviser: “That’s the beauty of it sire. Once this plan is started, we will take offerings of money and goods in trade for divine services. Divide the wealth between the churches, pay the “priests”, take our cut as well, and it will sustain itself. While making us a tidy profit.”

King: “This is a brilliant idea. But how do we get everyone to join this religion?”

Adviser: “Also a thing of beauty, sire. The Holy Text is designed to encourage people to give a gift of gospel, where they will be “saved” through the savior Character “Jesus Christ” and we will insist they are destined to hell if they don’t, and such people will be declared “wicked” by our new devout followers.”

King: “So it will spread itself… genius. But what if they ask questions about afterlife and the beginning of time?”

Adviser: “ We have written many stories in the book for just that.”

King: “So they will not revolt because of poverty?”

Adviser: “Poor people get into this heaven rather easily sir, rich people don’t”

King: “And what about coveting the land and money of the governing aristocracy?”

Adviser: “Coveting is against one of the primary divine laws. They will be damned to disobey them?”

King: “But what if they doubt and start thinking too much?”

Adviser: “This god knows what you are thinking. We have written many stories on it.”

King: “Laws, though… The people cant even read, how do you expect them to remember laws?”

Adviser: “There is only 10 main rules, sire. They should be easy to memorize in the churches. They cover most of the basics.”

and so on…

As you can see once you think about things in some depth, its easy to understand just why Christianity was created in the first place. You’ll find all the stories in that “Holy” book, to be rather cleverly designed to reference to relate to something else of importance, in regard to promoting the governing body of the holy church.

The king rules the church, and the church rules the people.

So ask yourself, which is more likely?

A. An all powerful being spoke to men and told them, or through an action otherwise caused a book to written?


B. Greedy men in power conjured up a clever way to control a vast sum of illiterate peoples? Giving divine right to kings, So they would be backed by god. And so any who were against him… were labeled “Wicked”


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